Who are we?

We're freelance photographers and videographers with over 30 years of collective professional experience, but we do more than just take pictures. We specialize in capturing memories -- from posed portraits for groups and individuals to candid moments at weddings, pageants, sporting events, and more -- that you will pass down for generations. 

We strive to give the highest level of service to each client, in a professional manner.

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Darlene Higgins

With many years of professional portraiture experience with LifeTouch National School Studios, PCA International and Augusta Partnership for Children, Inc. Darlene -- the most experienced member of our team -- turned her attentions toward freelance photography for individual and group portraits, weddings, engagements, maternity, church events, sporting events and special events.



Gerald Higgins

A freelance photographer and videographer who loves capturing quiet landscapes and wildlife and the heart-pounding action of sporting events, Gerald handles our lighting and special effects. He also has extensive experience in music media and sound room technician.


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Brianna Goodwin

She's our Jr. Photographer specializing in special events photography. Though only 18 years old, Brianna has an eye for quality photography and her shots have been used professionally via the Augusta Partnership for Children, Inc. Brianna also has 5 years experience as a sound room technician at New Exodus Baptist Church.